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Short 2 Days Trip to Berlin| Berlin, Germany {Children Photographer}

When taking children to different city, different country by my own, I always struggle setting my priorities and maintaining the balance. As a mother, I want to enjoy time with my girls but as a photographer, I want to capture every moment that I we share together. Occasionally, my older girl will pose for me… Read more »

Trip to Renwick Gallery | Washington D.C {Children Photographer}

There are many fun things to do in Washington D.C, and Renwick Gallery is one of the best. We had to line two blocks away from the gallery just to enter. Then again, long waiting line for the ‘Wonder Exhibit’, which my little girls didn’t mind waiting in the line at all. If National Gallery… Read more »

Pink, Pink, Spring and Pink {Children Photography}

A pale red, the color intermediate between red and white could means much more than just PINK. It is the lovely feeling of spring, sisterhood and a blossom of passion and this time(for me), it was a dilution of antipathy of bug/insects. For the first time, I took closer observation and thought that they could be… Read more »

Luray Caverns in Shenandoah Valley| Luray, VA {Children Photographer}

I am not a big fan of underground cavern, but my little kids and I really enjoyed this long interesting 2.4 km walk in Luray Caverns. We loved the ‘Dream Lake’ where stalagmites are reflected in the water making a beautiful illusion of stalagmites. And for the first time, I tried taking picture with ISO… Read more »

National Gallery of Art| Washinton D.C {Children Photography}

I often asked by my friends, why did I take young kids to art gallery. How much do they really enjoy? Well, honestly, I would answer that my little one, two years, would probably enjoy about 15 minutes and my bigger one, five, did good 45 minutes of art viewing. We started with post-impressionism  in second… Read more »

Trip to Bongeusa Temple| Seoul {Children Photography}

Traveling is always exciting, because I never know what I would see, and what I would learn each time. With 14 hours time difference, kids were, surprisingly, doing well and had so much fun visiting Bongeunsa temple in Seoul. I have to admit that it is not easy traveling with kids, but it is definitely… Read more »